Tyler & Lauren = Married

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Von Heeder. What a grand party this was!


Wedding venue: Greenfield Farm and Gardens
Make up: CherWear Professional Makeup Artistry
Hair: Leslie Merriman for Salon Lux , Oak Harbor

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Arik & Lindsey = Married

As soon as I found out Arik and Lindsey were getting married I wished to be their photographer. So happy my wish came true, because it was a fun day full of love, family and friends. Just like a dream wedding should be!

Wedding venue: Whidbey Golf Club
Make up: CherWear Professional Makeup Artistry
Hair: Salon Lux, Oak Harbor
Flowers: Lisa Hampton
Music: Charlie Moore

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This weekend

I took time off!

Treated myself to a very special weekend in fact. I received my dream camera, Leica M9 from Borrow Lenses who were kind to lend it to me for a few days. Naturally I spend my free time shooting. What an experience. The first camera I ever held was my grandpa’s old Leica. I have wished for one for a very long time.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my photography. Things change when your love also becomes your bread and butter. I enjoy my gear when I am shooting clients but I have not used it for my personal work in over a year. I think it just makes me think of work too much. Part of me wants to go back to film and use it to chronicle my growing family over the years. Force myself to print again and place precious photos in albums for my son to cherish. But realistically I could just print my personal work as I do my clients, right? Maybe a new camera would entice me to take photos in my free time again, just for fun.

I gave Leica a go and took more photos of my life in 3 days then I have in a long, long time. Loved the challenge of a rangefinder and how easy it was to wear the camera around my neck all day. And the image quality of course is superb. As Leica would be! I really enjoyed it and I think I might just add Leica M to my camera bag soon. Here are some of my favorites:

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Victoria : Graduation party

I love a good party! And what better reason to celebrate then graduating High school. So excited for Victoria to start a new chapter in her life. I wish it is as much fun, filled with friends and family as her party. Thank you for inviting me.

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Strain Family

I adored Sadie the moment I met her. Her heart, her smile and her drive to succeed. Meeting her mom I could tell straight away where she gets it from. It was such a pleasure to take their family portraits. They had me in stitches throughout the photo session and I cannot wait to have them in front of my lens again soon!

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Kellen : 2013 Senior & State Champion

Taking photos of high school seniors is wonderful. With images I get to capture who they are right before they embark on their final journey towards adulthood.
Kellen is no doubt destined to do amazing things. So excited to see how he changes the world in years to come!


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High noon

What is the number one thing about photography?

If you ask a photographer: LIGHT. If you ask the customer: PHOTOS.

The first thing anyone will tell you about outdoor or natural light photography is to avoid taking photos around noon. And we all do off course. I try to book most sessions around ‘golden hour’. I check an app on my iPhone in the morning to see what time the sun will rise and set. I scout locations based on the light. I obsess about the light.

But what if the only time to take photos of the wedding party is at noon? And your wonderful couple makes the shoot extra special by getting you an exclusive permission to go to the flight line and take photos in front of groom’s jet? What if they predict the sunniest and warmest day in the Pacific NW?

Truthfully I panicked a little. I contemplated taking the reflectors and external flash, but the location was such I could not take time fiddling with equipment. I relied on my camera, set it to get the best possible exposure and hoped for the best.

It is good to brake rules. I think these look like they were taken on a distant tropical island. Do you?

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New assistant

Oh blog, how I neglect you.

It has been a very busy summer. I have all these posts written in my head and I will share them soon. It has been so much fun taking pictures of families and couples on the island.

September also marks a year since I have made this my official business and I have learned a lot. Needless to say my camera bag has changed significantly since my first photo shoot and I now carry less lenses and more household items. Such as duck tape and sewing kit. More about that another day.

One think that has been used more then any other item is my old point and shoot. I carry four cameras at all times. My amazing one, two back ups and this little waterproof, dirt resistant Fuji. I initially gave it to fussy kids to have some fun during family photo sessions but it has become so much more. In fact it now has a life of its own and a story to tell.

Like this weekend, at a wedding. I enrolled a help of a new assistant and I am sure you will agree his work is wonderful:

He took photos of his sister and his parents first. Then, as his confidence grew, he started taking photos of people on the dance floor. And yes, he even took a few of me.

I hope he is free next weekend! We have another wedding to go.

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Summer camp

I was hired to take some photos of the summer camp at the Pacific NW Riding Academy. It is always fun to watch children bond with horses and learn new skills.


Taken on location at Wildwood Farm, Whidbey Island.

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Photo bomb

Best thing about being my own boss? Well everything really.
Like taking my dog to work. Even though sometimes he bombs the photo shoot. Repeatedly…

Photos taken on location at Wildwood Farm for Lisa Weis Classical Dressage.

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