Hi, my name is Stasha and this is my work.

I am a mother, a wife and a girl next door.

I take pictures of my good life every day.

I would love to take pictures of your good life too.

I am simple, so I don’t like posing.

I am not flashy, so I will photograph real life.

I like nature, so I take photos in natural light.

I like happiness and joy, so I will capture yours.

I like details, so I will look for little things that make a big difference.

I am not greedy, so I will charge you little and throw in a discount if you make me a nice cuppa.

I am charitable, so I will help you with your cause.

I live in WA 98277 so if you are in my driving distance I will meet you and give you an hour of my time, at least 25 edited pictures in digital format from our session and life long memories captured. Price? $350.

If you like any other images on this site let me know and perhaps I can have them printed for you. If you would like me to donate any of my art or my time, ask nicely. If your cause is worthy, I will help.

Please click HERE to fill out your contact details and I will respond shortly. Or visit my Facebook page and write on my wall. Or Tweet me up. Or all three…

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